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"It is rare to find an actress of such grace, beauty, and passion, with a remarkable ability to transform and inhabit a character so fully.
Sandra's powerful and honest portrayal of Alexandra in HE & SHE touched the audience deeply. She created a symphony of moments only a dedicated, professional, nuanced actor could engender."

James Sappho - Writer / Producer


"Sandra is a wonderful and very intuitive actor.
Loved working with her."


Laura Belsey  Director / Producer  |  Shadow Pictures

"(...) playing the female lead, [she] accomplished the nearly impossible feat of crafting the necessarily nuanced performance in just two weeks (...)
highly intelligent and deeply emotional work (...)
not only great physical beauty, but, also, an innate sense of the “unity of things” that shines from within, and combined with natural talent and theatrical training, made her equally adept at both the comic and dramatic flourishes, that were requirements of this complex part...!  (...) 
hard work and “grace under fire".


David Teschendorff - Director / Actor

"Sandra brings her strong work ethic and her keen intelligence into her work. Her quick grasp of the material blew my mind and she was brilliant in deciphering and performing the subtext. (...) I incorporated most of her suggestions into the script.

Sandra’s ability to stay truthful to herself while fully inhabiting the character is what makes her such a wonderful actress. Overall working with her is pure pleasure. She requires little direction and I was impressed with the depth, range and truthfulness of her performance."


Aslihan Unaldi - Writer / Director / Producer

“I've worked a few times with Sandra in TV commercials. She was always a pleasure to direct because of her natural talent, tremendous acting ability, on-camera presence, and professionalism.
(...) A valuable asset. (...) did it all in the first takes. Once, someone was amazed and told her “(...) We were an hour behind and now thanks to you, we're ahead of schedule."

João Neves - Director (Portugal)

" (...) exceeded all expectations.  She is truly an original - has an enormous work ethic, is a most generous partner to work with, is extremely intelligent as well as sensitive, has tremendous passion and has an extraordinary talent.  She has a commanding presence, a sense of humor about herself as well as in her work.  I (...) am amazed at her beautiful presence and her presence at every moment.  A truly unique artist as well as being one hell of a nice human being."


Trudy Steibl - Acting Faculty, HB Studio


"Sandra has a fiery energy about her.  She doesn’t give up until she gets the best take.  Her performance is captivating and puts directors like me on the edge of our seats.  I recommend Sandra for any position, as I know she will succeed in most any character she portrays."

Sean Parshad - Director / Writer / Producer

"Sandra embodies all the qualities and skills of a good actress; A great screen and vocal presence, characters which always engage the audience, creative insight, and the right amount of confidence, energy and dedication to perform - all that is the love of her life (Acting)."

Miguel Gaudêncio - Film and TV Director / Editor / Producer / Writer (Portugal, Poland)  |  Green Box Europe

"(...) In addition to the beautiful figure that she continues to have, and behind those beautiful and expressive blue eyes, I could see a girl, full of talent, very humble, and with an immense desire to learn. This is the memory that I keep of her, but also her kindness and determination (...) always with great dedication, honesty, commitment and professionalism (...) in everything she does."

Paulo Pinto - Actor (Portugal)


"I worked with Sandra in my class and, as soon as there was an opportunity, I cast her in a play. She is smart, personable, talented and an extremely intuitive actress."

Rasa Allan Kazlas - Director / Actor / Instructor

"I've known Sandra Roque since the early 90’s, and her commitment and sensitivity, both as a dancer and as an actress, surpass the average people I have known for the past 30 years. She is a very talented and dedicated performer."

Bruno Schiappa - Director / Playwright / Choreographer / Actor / Researcher (Portugal)

“Professionalism, talent, passion and dedication make you a striking and versatile actress.
It was always a pleasure to work beside you."

Valéria Carvalho - Actress / Director / Producer / Singer (Portugal)


"There are two words that come to mind when I think of Sandra's work - intense and passionate. She is an actress of total commitment to her work, generous and with a contagious passion."

Rui Unas - Actor (Portugal)

"(...) brings together rare and important professional qualities: focus, will power and commitment to achieve the best result in her work.
A beautiful woman with a sweet and deep gaze, capable of stripping herself of it and proving all her extraordinary representative strength.
It was a pleasure and an honor to direct her !!!"


Amauri Tangará - Director / Playwright / Filmmaker  (Brazil, Portugal)  |  

"Cia D'Artes do Brasil"

"I crossed paths with Sandra Roque in the early 2000’s (…), in a soap opera (…). There was (…) the need to find attractive faces and bodies, regardless of talent and

training (today, training has more weight).
(…) it was fortunate for me to have had as a scene partner an Actress, talented, with training and professionalism (…) A colleague who I much appreciate and to whom I wish great success."


António Melo - Actor / On-set coach (Portugal)

"Sandra is a great friend and an excellent colleague.

Very professional, careful with others, committed and determined. She knows what she wants, and fights until she gets it. Within the limits of ethics and fellowship. (…)

A professional with a capital P and, above all, a very generous person on and off the set."
Jorge Kapinha 
- Actor / TV host (Portugal)

"(...) talent and motivation allowed her to quickly become part of the team, bringing a contagious energy.
(...) what caught my attention was her enormous capacity for work, in addition to her immense enthusiasm and affection, being very convincing in her acting bits, transmitting credibility and freshness, with great naturalness.
She was always a great companion and working with her was very easy, enriching, and a pleasure."


Manel Iglesias - TV Director (Espanha, Portugal)


"Sandra Roque is a generous and talented actress. Her energy is contagious and her professionalism helps us ensure the success of our work."



Nuno Vieira - Director / Author / Producer (Portugal)

"(...) I worked with Sandra in several shows and one thing changed in all of them, and another remained in all without exception.
What has changed in all? The characters she composed, result of her honorable work (...). What has always been the same? The will to build, the discipline, the intensity, the willingness to propose and to listen, the intelligence, insight and creativity in approach to the text.
What do I think will never change? The ability that Sandra has of putting all she is in the least she does."

Tiago Fernandes Actor / Director of "CDA" / Director of the municipal theatre "T.M. Amélia Rey Colaço" (Portugal)

"Sandra is an actress who understands the source material to such a degree that she is able to embody the character in a way one could not imagine. She delivered the performance that my film needed and would have never worked without her enormous talent. I still remember (…) how mesmerizing her performance was. The character had come to life right there and then. It was such an amazing experience to work with her."


Pedro Mourão-Ferreira - Writer / Director (Portugal)

"What a pleasure to work together! I want to share how positively all of the cast and crew described their experience with you. (...)
Thanks for your patience and professionalism. (...) You were flexible and game to do something strange, and we appreciate that a lot."


Will Niedmann - Writer / performer | "Simple Town"

"Sandra is an extremely conscientious actress (…) eager to create (…) willing to (…) express her understanding and listen to your thoughts in the preparation stage. (…) she can help you make the roles richer.

When shooting, she earnestly works with a serious attitude and flexibility, while also paying attention to details, understanding your worries and help solve your problems."


Wenjing (Adelle) Xie - Director



"I worked with Sandra in theater and her talent and professionalism were always at a high level."


Mário Patrocínio - Producer / Director / Actor / Founder & CEO of "BRO Cinema" (Portugal)




"Full of passion"


Karen Ludwig - Acting Faculty, HB Studio



"Dedicated, fun, professional in attitude and commitment! I have great memories and friendship!"


Alexandre Serra - Fashion photographer / editor (Portugal)

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