2019/04/10      "PASSAPORTE" & "Indie Lisboa"

Back in Lisbon, I will be attending this amazing event called "Passaporte" (passport), next month.
Created and mentored by Patrícia Vasconcelos (the most proeminent CD in the country...), it's intended for portuguese actors and casting directors from all over the world, to get acquainted, and obtain all sorts of useful information related to the different markets.

Also planning to go to "Indie Lisboa", the city's international independent film festival.

2018/08/10      Vey-key...!

Excited about my upcoming time with friends and family... across the ocean!
Home, sweet home... here I come!

2018/08/04      Shooting again!

Today I had fun shooting the short-film "Maracujá".

Maracujá is Portuguese for "passion fruit"... And in this film about 1st generation children of immigrants, I had the opportunity to use my Brazilian accents of Portuguese and English, as the Brazilian cashier of a supermarket.
Amanda Jarufe wrote the story, and Aubrey Russell directed.
Can't wait to see it!

2018/07/30      Staying in action

Turkish author, Aslihan Unaldi, recently invited me to bring to life a scene from her new feature-film, currently in pre-production.

I loved the depth and intricacies of the relationships, as soon as I read it, so... Easy "yes".
We presented it today, in her Directing class with Austin Pendleton who, unlike usually (we were told), had nothing but praise to offer. Yay.

Nothing better to stay in action in between projects, than working on great quality material and networking with talented people.
This includes the actress Buket Gülbeyaz, with whom I had instant chemestry!
Feeling blessed.

2018/07/21      Booked it!

The only thing I can say for now is that I booked another short-film.
Specifics very soon!

2018/07/17     "He & She" premiere!

After four years devoted, first to my big move to NYC, then focusing on on-camera work, I'm so happy to be back on stage!
James Sappho's invitation came at the right time and I'm very grateful for having been a part of this process that culminates with our performances in the "NY SummerFest"... premiering today!  :)

2018/06/29      At full speed

The rehearsals of "He & She" now enter the "full speed" stage 
The team is gathered... The script is locked (uh-uhm - is it ever, really...?)... The dates are set... Here we go! :)
See you at the "HUDSON GUILD THEATRE"?
July 17th (9pm), 18th (6:15pm) and 21st (3:30pm)
Author   - James Sappho
Director - David Teschendorff
With       - James Donahower, Moscelyne ParkeHarrison and myself

2018/06/23      Short Film Festival

It was a pleasure to attend SVA's "Masters in Directing Short Film Fest 2018", at the SVA Theatre, a beautiful and inviting space in Chelsea, NY.

The short I participated in - "Dead of Night", directed by Flora Yao - premiered in this event, where 14 talented new film directors showcased their work.
The audience also had the opportunity to interact with them during the Q&A, and later at the reception.
Congratulations, everyone! ;-)

2018/04/24       2 shoots in 2 days :)

Yesterday and today were super cool days!
Shot the two features I booked recently:
- "Strangers in Berlin", directed by Michael D. Irish (AKA Grey Films)
  I play a nurse, taking care of Lizzy, who recently became tetraplegic
- "Boris & Johan", directed by Taylor Jenisch
 (Burning Boat)

  I play Melissa, a woman who lashes out at Boris and Johan, on the street

2018/04/17       NY Summerfest - Theatre Festival

In late March, author James Sappho invited me to play the female lead in his new play "He and She", which will be part of this New York Theatre Festival in mid July.
We have been in contact since and, today, finally met for a first reading, having decided to work together.
So excited to be back on stage!

2018/04/08       "Strangers in Berlin"...

This is the tittle of ANOTHER FEATURE I just booked!
Will be shooting soon with director Michael Irish, and I'm so psyched!

2018/03/27       BOOKED a FEATURE!

I'm SO excited about this!
I can't disclose much at this time. So I'll just say I'm playing a type of character you haven't seen from me often... ;-)
Look out for "Boris & Johan"... directed by Taylor Jenisch!

2018/03/24       It's the show business...

​​After booking an institutional for which I was sent the contract and NDA, I found out yesterday I will not be hired, after all, because the client thought I "looked too much like the lead", I was told.
It happens...
And on we go!

2018/02/23       And... ACTION!

​​As soon as I started submitting again, things started moving!
I was in the short-list for a music video, then booked "Dead of Night", a short film.
We shot today, at a restaurant-bar, in Queens, with director Flora Yao.
I play Lisa, a woman who just wants her ex-husband to stop with the excuses and fulfill his financial responsibilities toward his child.
It will be part of a film-festival, and I'll let you know when!

2018/01/17       HAPPY NEW YEAR!

​​After a long undesired time away from submitting for work... I AM BACK in the game. And loving it!
May 2018 be the best year yet, to us all!

2017/05/08       "The Isabella Dilemma"

​​This is it!
Shooting today with director Sean Parshad! :)
Synopsis: "An anonymous leader of the feminist movement sparks a series of supreme riots in early 20th century Manhattan, miscalculating the frightful effects brought onto her daughter's future."

I play Sophia, the protagonist's daughter.

2017/04/20       Shooting in May!

​​Having recently started submitting for work, I'm happy to share I have, since, booked 3 short-films.
The most recent of which I'll be shooting early May, with "Bold Applause Productions". Stay tuned! ;-)

2017/03/29       Booked another short-film!

Can't say much about this one, yet... besides that I'm excited to be a part of it!

2017/02/24       Acting 'gym'  -  back to class

To keep my acting "tools" sharp, I try to always be taking some kind of class.
In the Summer of 2015 I took Austin Pendleton's professional class; Since the Summer of 2016 have been attending on-camera seminars and intensive classes; Today, I auditioned and was accepted to begin an on-going class at the highly regarded "Matt Newton's Acting Studio". Cool!

2017/01/07       Short-film "Anger"

We shot today, in a warm Brooklyn apartment, looking out the cold, gorgeous snow.
Directed by Svetlana Nikitsenko (Nikita Nsn).
I play Sarah, a woman with anger management issues, seeing a peculiar psychologist (played by actor/model Trevor Van Uden), with a secret.

2016/11/22       Short-film "Funny games"

Shot today. Directed by Hayden Geiger.
I play Ann, a loving mother/wife, and helpful, polite neighbor, who finds herself in odd circumstances.

2016/08/13       Website is ON

If you visited this page TODAY, you may very well be the first!
And... I have a surprise for you!
I'm still working on this website, but got super excited and couldn't wait any longer to share it. I'm soooo happy you dropped by on this special day!

If you're one of the first 10 people to u
se "Contact me" to share your thoughts, and leave a postal address, I'll be sure to send you a numbered, autographed headshot. MY FIRST EVER American headshot session, and my THIRD EVER headshot autograph - after mom's and husband's, of course...  ;-)

Still pretty cool to have, if I ever make it big, uh?

2016/08/12       Hello... headshots!

Headshots released on facebook and twitter.
Next: IMDB, Backstage, ActorsAccess...

2016/07/19       Getting ready!

I finally had the so desired headshot session!
We had a lot of fun on the streets of upper West Manhattan. 
After selection and printing, I'll be one step closer... :)

Next: other marketing tools in place... and back to monologue work!

2016/04/30       It's ON!

Having recently moved to NYC, from Lisbon, Portugal, I'm very excited to share that I am now establishing my acting business, here!
It requires a lot of research, planning, and action... and I'M ONTO IT!! :)
On this day, I started to build this website.
Thank you for checking me out!

Get connected!

Stay in touch with me on facebook and twitter.
Get up-to-date with what I'm working on...
Check out some useful info and curiosities I find and love to share! :)


Currently in Portugal...
I recently attended the event "PASSAPORTE", where 17 different international casting directors gave seminars...
And I'm preparing to teach a workshop at my theatre company.

Thank you for being here :)

Good to remember:

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. (…)"

(Martha Graham)

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