Hello! Welcome.
I'm a(n)...
- Daughter, wife, NY-based Portuguese-soul, Curious mind, Explorer;
- Empowerment and self-development enthusiast;
- Laughter, talent, animal, traveling, and chocolate lover;
- Artist: actress, former professional dancer, who occasionaly: modelled, photographs, writes and directs.




Artists have a particular sensibility in how they look at the world.

We convey thoughts, feelings, and new perspectives, in ways that can shoot straight to the core of those who come across our work. Responses can be emotional, rational, even physical!

That's why art can be so powerful.

With that privilege, comes the social responsibility of communicating what speaks to our hearts, of giving voice to our causes, of making it matter.


As a teacher, I've been part of situations where art/artists were a major factor of transformation and social integration of people lacking in their own sense of self-worth, self-knowledge, perspectives on life, and hope. Having someone say "You changed my life" is one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever experimented and I'm so grateful for it...! What they didn't know was that THEY changed mine.

Personal empowerment and positive transformation is one of my passions. 


Actors, in particular, either for entertainment or world-changing purposes, use their life experiences and imagination to make characters personal - to offer their particular take on that life and circumstances. A little as psychologists, we look to understand behavior, we empathize with those we portray, showing we're all multidimensional, and contradictory.

(Maybe that's why there's a significant number of actors/psychologists... like myself.)


I feel blessed to have such a rewarding job that allows me to continuously learn about my own depths and abilities, to actually develop new ones, and to live as in a playground.

My husband says I'm child-like. I thank Acting for having allowed me to stay so.

- Milk chocolate

- Dolphins

- Photography

- Dance in general

- Argentine tango, salsa & kizomba in particular

- Travelling

- Did I say chocolate?!

- Fava beans, as made by my babysitter or my mom

- Reading

- Training martial arts in the park, with my husband

- To cuddle and watch tv/movies

- Making out :)

- Learning languages

- Going to the beach - for sun, walks or food

- Portuguese food

- Portugal...!

- Color

- Water, natural orange juice, milk, and sweet cocktails
- Laughter

- And I really, really love milk chocolate!

- Injustice

- Lack of civility

- Heavily spiced food

- Cold

- Flat shoes that aren't sneakers, flip-flops or their direct cousins

- Closed faces

- Bad attitudes

- Heavy metal music and... sorry: most jazz I've heard

- Wastefulness

- Litter & litterers!

- We ALL came from Africa. GOT IT?!

- Seriously?! There's no Global Warming...? The same way there was no Holocaust?

- And BTW, do you really need the water running (and on maximum flux) while you brush your teeth?!?!

- Why do people keep the air conditioning freezing during Summer and burning hot during Winter?!?! What's wrong with the concept of mild temperature?!

- If you're not trying to survive in the wild, how is a fur coat more important than that animal's life...?

A girl can dream...      ;-)

If James Lipton ever asks me Bernard Pivot’s questionnaire, I may say…


1. My favorite word, is… "Love"

2. My least favorite word, is… Maybe "abuse"

3. What turns me on creatively, spiritually or emotionally, is… Expressions of true talent

4. What turns me off, is… Arrogance and entitlement

5. My favorite curse word, is… The F-word

6. A sound or noise I love, is… May I say two? I have to say two: baby laughter, and ocean waves hitting the beach

7. A sound or noise I hate, is… Heavy metal music

8. A profession other than my own I’d like to attempt, is… Film director/editor, or photographer

9. A profession I wouldn’t like to have, is… Undertaker

10. If Heaven exists, what I would like to hear God say when I arrive at the Pearly Gates, is… "You did good. Welcome. I'll take you to your family."


(not a current picture)

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