I'm a(n)...
- Daughter, wife, NY-based Portuguese-soul, curious mind and curious about the mind
- Empowerment and self-development enthusiast, an explorer and fan of continuous learning
- Laughter, talent, animal, traveling, and milk-chocolate lover
- Artist: actress, former professional dancer, who occasionaly: modelled, choreographed, photographs, writes, directs.


I look at acting with the utmost respect and, and am always in awe when a colleague achieves brilliance.

In my own work, I strive to be truthful and to enrich the character with the complexities of any human, which is never just one thing.
I approach the material considering its specificities and using the different tools gathered along my years of training and experience. I like being prepared, but am able to improvise and am always open to what happens in the moment of the exchange: I listen, see and react.
Like in a great tennis game or an exciting improvised Argentine tango dance... I see the beauty in the unexpected, ravel in the play of the game... and welcome "accidents" as opportunities for letting the character pour out on its own.



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