Companhia de Actores

This is my "daughter", my Portuguese "child", born April 19th 2004.
A Theatre companhy to "whom" I gave sweat, tears, and I think actually some blood too.


After 7 months of gestation, it was born from my relationship with a visionary and very creative director / set designer / actor (Antônio Terra), who dreamt it... and from our love for Theatre, our desire to keep developing as artists, to use art to change people's lives, and his desire to create his own theatre language.


Companhia de Actores - CDA (which means "company of actors") is a non-for-profit theatre group and cultural association. Composed by artists from different backgrounds and specialties, we value experience exchange, look to promote positive change and, fortunately, have accomplished some transformation and integration through art, having been granted 2 awards for our social work.


We've had many collaborators. People who feel "the magic" and want to be part of it. We welcome them and appreciate their efforts in helping the company grow! Some eventually became members.

As a living organism, CDA transforms its cells and reshapes, adapting to the environment, but keeps its soul and its spirit.


As the last 'standing' of the founding members, I'm far, but never detached.

I wish for the company to perform in New York and, when it does, hope you'll come see us!
Remember that name.  ;-)

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© Sandra Roque, actriz