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Portuguese actress and former dancer, who also trained in NYC, having recently moved back to the Big Apple.

Performed in Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the USA.

Past credits include:

   - Film: shorts & features
   - TV, fiction: series, soaps, animation V.O.
   - TV, other: music videos, commercials, show co-hosting (gameshows, variety       talkshows), gala performances, talkshow guest appearences.

   - Theatre: 22 productions, including Fool for Love (as May) in Lisbon, and the        recent He & She (as She) in NYC.
Licensed in Clinical Psychology and being a certified teacher... I have a deep interest in transformation through art.
Still a proud member of the theatre company/cultural association I co-founded/directed, in Portugal (2004-2013), where I also produced, besides acting, teaching and dabbling into writing and directing.

A bit more fun

The only daughter of two Physical Ed. teachers, I was born in Nova Lisboa, Angola - a Portuguese colony, at the time.
I was months old when my family returned to Lisbon, Portugal, where I grew up enjoying a (never wealthy, but) happy childhood, in a safe neiborhood where we could smell the ocean and kids could run free. I had plenty opportunities to scuff my knees and experiment different activities.
Having practiced several sports during childhood and teenage years, I was always in love with Dance. At the age of 11-12, I danced in the Disney feature of a popular Portuguese tv show and, at 18, while in college, booked a variety stage show which became my stepping stone into professional dancing.
At the turn of the century, after encouraging words from a director I had worked with, who became a dear friend, I decided to fuel the long-time closeted dream and started to study acting. I became a union-affiliated professional actress in Portugal, in 2003.
In order to keep acting instruments sharp, I often go back to class. In 2007, during an "artistic recycling" stay in NYC expected to last 6 months, I met my now husband, and stayed 2 years! We got married in 2011. In 2015, I received my GreenCard and moved back to NY.
After settling down and adjusting, I'm back to business!!
From my diversified training, I highlight the "Professional Fine Arts Training in Theatre" (Hagen Technique, NYC, 2007-09); and the teachers: Carol Rosenfeld, Trudy Steibl, Karen Ludwig, Lorraine Serabian, Marcia Haufrecht, Austin Pendleton, Michael Margotta, Antônio Terra, John Mowat and Van Hansis.
Between stage, television and film, I was fortunate to perform in Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the USA.
In film, I starred in many shorts and participated in three indie features.
In TV did a variety of legit and commercial work.
In theater, was cast in almost two dozen productions, having been directed by Rasa Allan Kazlas and David Teschendorff (NYC); Antônio Terra, Attílio Riccó, Pedro Pires, Amauri Tangará, Nuno M. Cardoso, Hugo Barreiros and Tiago Torres da Silva (Portugal). I staged the musical "The little lost kitten" (with an adorable 3-5 year-old cast); Created/directed "Não há dois sem três" and "Doze"; And wrote and staged/directed the play "Ponto de encontro".
With a degree in Clinical Psychology and being a certified teacher, I have a deep interest in transformation through art. In Portugal, I taught physical expression and theatrical interpretation, developing artistic and human/social skills ("soft skills").
I'm a founder of the Portuguese theatre company "Companhia de Actores" (CDA), which board I integrated from 2004 to 2013, and a founder of the company's award-winning "Ampliarte Project - Culture and social intervention." CDA was also the recepient of a City Hall merit award in 2008.
For CDA, besides performing, I also produced, taught, and dabbled into writing and directing.

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Currently in Portugal...
I recently attended the event "PASSAPORTE", where 17 different international casting directors gave seminars...
And I'm preparing to teach a workshop at my theatre company.

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Good to remember:

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. (…)"

(Martha Graham)

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